version 2 in action

Conductive Thread and RGB LED issues

So I was combining my conductive thread with the circuit below and having issues. Also I had issues with the LED. It was really NOT clear when leg went with the straight side of the LED. I finally got that working. I was surprised to find that the thread had a bad spot in it. It looked fine but it was not conducting. I cut it and all is good now. more ltr…

Life-sized puppet horses brought to vivid life on stage. Need I say more?

Impressed to see this London show with South Africa’s Handspring Puppet company brought to Nashville and their work looks amazing.

I had to check it out. Last show at 630 and there are still some tix.

So the puppets were really wonderful. The story was not my thing but I did enjoy the mix of video, animations, puppetry and actors. Pretty wonderful way to tell a story. It was high tech in some ways and low tech in others and I liked that mix. The puppeteers were not hidden at all and there was a small sash above the stage that was the projection screen for moving scenery when he was riding and also bombs exploding. I really like the combination of media a lot.